Favorite Songs of 2020.

Here are my favorite songs that I stumbled across this year. 

When The Money Comes by Half-a-mil (Dom Kennedy & Hitboy) ft. 03 Greedo. This a banga, when I heard the album I immediately added this to one of my playlist. The beat is dope and nobody slacked on the lyrics. I love the hook and what Dom & Greedo did on there. 

Undercover by Gabrielle Current. This song is just so graceful to me. It feels spring when you're watering your plants. Anyone can appreciate this song so once you listen to it, put someone new on and tell them Plums Radio put you on.

Baxter Avenue by Jack Harlow. I love the honesty in this song and the beat has this nice distorted feel to it. When I heard this on his most recent album (Thats What They All Say) I had to put this on one of my playlist. Harlow just got it. 

Alma Mater by Joe College.  If you don't know by now, College will be one of the ones for New Jersey. His flow is just that classic sh*t, never slacking on the bars & the beat has a nice bop to it. It just has confidence written all over it. That's what you'll expect from him at all times. 

Lemonade by Internet Money & Gunna (Feat. Don Toliver & Nav). If outside was fully open this would go up. I love the vibe of it. Anything Don Toliver touches is almost an automatic for me. 

Serious by Ye Ali (feat. DCMBR).  This song is a banga. It gives me rainy day R&B vibes. The saxophone in this so so perfect... It just pours the emotion out of it. You can probably play this for ya mom and she's going to ask who's this? 

Can't Relate by Omah Lay. Such a beautiful reggae song. When I first heard this I had to play it about 20 times in a row. "God is not a man... no no noooo." 

Slowly by Wallette.  This song right here is perfection it gives off a very intimate feeling of being close to someone when you listen to it. This is definitely a look ya boo in the eyes type of song lol. It just have love written all over it. Wallette you have a fan in me. 

Street Affection or Outro by Lil Durk. I just could not decide, I love them both. Street affection is just dope, I love the emotion and the lyrics. Outro just a perfect gritty song and it puts me in my bag.  

Desires by Drake (feat. Future). This song is just perfect, Drake just knows what he's doing. Him & Future together is the perfect blend of good guy and bad guy toxic jams lmao. They both portray the same message but just different personas. 

More Than Enough by Alina Baraz. This another one of those perfect love songs. It's submissive... in a beautiful way. I love that she made this song. I'ma be playing this song forever. 

Go Crazy by Chris Brown & Young Thug.  You can't have a list of songs for 2020 without this. Shout out to everyone involved with the making of this song. Such a good vibe to it, you can just hear the summer in it. I love when songs sound like a season. 

11911 by C.S. Armstrong. This one of those gritty rap songs that just puts me in my bag every single time. "Going back sound crazy don't want to do that..... how the fuck I made it out, I said Goddiddat" instant chills. 

So Good by Cliff. This is just a vibe.. on the late night ride home. I love the tones and the sexiness of it. Another one coming out of New Jersey. 

Right Time by Ye Ali (Feat. Reggie Becton). This song is too perfect not to put on the list. This one of them songs I leave on repeat like it's fin to change or give me a different outcome lol.

Slow Down by Skip Marley & H.E.R.  Can't be a list without this song in my opinion. Such great chemistry on this song and in the visual. I hope this make it to the cookouts next year when outside is open. They should think about doing a project together.. 

This concludes my favorite songs of the year... I can honestly go on forever. Check out these songs and please let me know if you rock with any on this list. Please share. 

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  • Jamisa,
    Always love to hear your take on things and appreciate your taste in music. Lots of tracks here that brought me spurts of serenity in this sullen year. I love that I can be sure there’s a high chance of me loving the ones I haven’t heard yet, from the list. And that Omah Lay, tho!! 🔥


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